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At the Center for Personalized Medicine we specialize in customized treatment plans for each patient. We are dedicated to help you achieve your wellness objectives.

We understand the importance of your wellness. To achieve your wellness objectives, you have come to expect the highest levels of service and patient care. As a result, we continuously commit ourselves to meeting and exceeding your expectations. To us, providing a total healthcare experience means dedicated and friendly staff, flexible and convenient hours, and the highest quality care available.

Services Offered

At the Center for Personalized Medicine we specialize in prescription natural hormone replacement for both women and men. We can also customize a vitamin program for you. Your nutritional needs are as unique to you as your fingerprint.

At the Center for Personalized Medicine we can also help your memory stay sharp, help your skin stay more youthful, and show you safe and simple ways to increase your growth hormone level. We also have nurses and nutritionists who will meet with you to develop your own individualized weight management program to help you achieve maximum weight loss and keep the weight off.

Have our doctors show you how to lower cholesterol without a prescription. We help cancer patients with nutritional support. If you have diabetes, let us show you new treatment options. In short, at the Center for Personalized Medicine we will take a functional medicine approach to your health care needs.

Whether you want to maintain your current good health, or if you have a disease, we will look at how your body works and design a treatment plan for you and you only. We do not mask your symptoms with medications, we instead try to fix the cause of the problem and use medications only when necessary.