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Lutronic Ultra Laser Resurfacing

If you are looking for a low-downtime skin rejuvenation procedure, the Lutronic Ultra Non-Fractional Laser is for you! This is a state-of-the-art laser provides an overall anti-aging, glowing complexion with a brighter skin tone and a healthy, smooth texture. 

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What concerns does it treat?

The Ultra laser treatment is effective for a range of skin conditions, especially  hyperpigmentation issues like:

Sun spots


Age Spots

Actinic Keratosis (pre-cancerous lesions)

Pigmented lesions

Sun Damage

How does it work?

The Ultra creates tiny thermal zones in the skin prompting the body to quickly generate new tissue. 

What are the advantages of this treatment?

Unlike IPL it works on all skin types. It is fast, results are almost immediate, and minimal recovery time is required.

What are the expected results and how long do they last?

Immediately following the treatment, you will notice some redness but this will lessen over the next day or so. The 5-6 days following the treatment your skin will be dry and have texture similar to sandpaper. As your skin exfoliates this roughness will disappear revealing fresher, clearer skin. Once the redness is gone, clients often see immediate and long-lasting results. Many of our clients see significant results within a few days.  A more aggressive treatment may require slightly more recovery time.

Before & After Photos
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