About Me

Undergraduate Education

 Valdosta University

 Bachelor's of Science in Biology


Texas Woman's University

Bachelor's of Science-Occupational Therapy

Cum Laude

Medical Education

Ross University School of Medicine

Doctor of Medicine


Postgraduate Education

Residency: Obstetrics & Gynecology

Fellowship:  University of Arizona I

Board Certified in Integrative Medicine

Fellowship:  American Academy of Anti-Aging

Metabolic & Nutritional Medicineiolo

About Me

Dr. Karen Plymel began her career in a small, rural town in the south and has since been recognized as a top physician in the Detroit area for over 15 years. As her career progressed, Dr. Plymel embraced the importance of treating patients with a holistic approach while appreciating the unique composition making up each individual. She is currently the senior partner at the Center for Personalized Medicine founded by Dr. Pamela Wartian Smith.


Dr. Plymel's belief in an integrated approach to medicine shifted her focus to metabolic medicine, which led to accreditation through the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. This field of patient care presented unlimited opportunities to help patients work toward the goal of optimal health. Utilizing a personalized approach allows Dr. Plymel to partner with patients based on their needs and design a unique treatment strategy for each person. She is best known for her work in male and female bio-identical hormones., thyroid, Hashimoto's, gut, mold, environmental toxins, and preconception.