55 minutes

  • Review labs or testing you've done over the last year

  • Discuss medical history, concerns, health goals and symptoms

  • Detailed lab panel including comprehensive thyroid testing 

  • Recommend specialized testing unique to your needs

  • Hormone Testing if needed

    * Cost of testing & labs

       not included and will

       vary based on your

       insurance coverage

(2nd visit and on)
25 minutes

  • Review lab panel and comprehensive thyroid testing

  • Devise a customized treatment plan

  • Adjust medications if needed

  • Supplement recommendations individualized based on your testing results

  • Access to discounted pharmaceutical grade supplements


  • Address new concerns

Types of Specialty


  •      Gastrointestinal

  •      Toxic Mold


  •      Neurotransmitters

  •      Toxic Metals


  •      Organic Acids Test

  •      Nutritional Assessments