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What You Must Know About Allergy Relief: How to Overcome the Allergies You Have & Find the Hidden Allergies that Make You SickWhen most people have allergies, they know it. Symptoms come quickly and can range from mild reactions like sneezing and itching to severe, often debilitating effects like anaphylaxis. Millions of others, however, suffer from allergies and don’t even know it. Allergies and intolerances are often the hidden culprits that lie at the heart of a number of health conditions. If you are an allergy sufferer or have a recurring health issue that you can’t seem to resolve, What You Must Know About Allergy Relief is the book for you. Written by a pharmacist and medical doctor, it provides important answers to the most common questions about allergies―what causes them, how they can affect your health, and most important, what you can do to overcome them.

Written in a clear, reader-friendly style, this book is divided into three parts. Part One presents an overview of the causes of allergic conditions as well as their most effective treatment methods―both conventional and alternative. It also addresses the growing epidemic of food and environmental allergies, especially among children. Part Two offers sound advice and practical tips for dealing with asthma, skin conditions, and other allergic reactions both at home and in the workplace. It provides helpful tips for allergy-proofing your home, minimizing allergic reactions to pets, and knowing how best to prepare when traveling. In Part Three, the authors provide a comprehensive guide to anti-allergy medications, supplements, and other treatment options.

Beautifully written, easy to understand, and up-to-date, What You Must Know About Allergy Relief offers the tools to identify hidden allergies as well the means to relieve their symptoms. With this book in hand, you can make the informed
decisions you need to restore your health.



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Thyroid Disorders Book Cover

It is estimated that one in twenty people have a thyroid problem, with the majority of sufferers being women. To make matters worse, many who are affected by thyroid dysfunction are unaware that they have a problem, and typically, they go undiagnosed for years. In the meantime, they experience a variety of symptoms, including fatigue and weight gain or loss, forgetfulness, sleepless nights, irritability, and more. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Written by best-selling author Dr. Pamela Wartian Smith, What You Must Know About Thyroid Disorders & What to Do About Them enables readers to identify common thyroid problems and seek the treatment that they need. Written in easy-to-understand language, the book begins by explaining how important the thyroid is in regulating the body’s metabolism, which, in turn, plays a vital role in controlling the functions of the heart, brain, liver, lungs, kidneys, and intestines. It then goes on to discuss the most common thyroid related disorders and symptoms, including hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, autoimmune dysfunction, celiac disease, thyroid cancer, mood swings, and excess weight gain. Each discussion starts with a simple self-quiz that helps readers determine if they may be suffering from the problem. Dr. Smith then explains the disorder’s cause and common symptoms; diagnostic tests; and both conventional and alternative treatment approaches. Included is a handy resource section that points the way to further information and support. So many health problems are related to thyroid dysfunction, and so many individuals suffer needlessly―even though help is available. What You Must Know About Thyroid Disorders allows readers to take the first important step on the road to diagnosis, effective treatment, and wellness.



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Why You Can't Lose Weight

If you have tried diet after diet without shedding pounds, it may not be your fault. In this revolutionary book, Dr. Pamela Smith discusses the eighteen most common reasons why you can’t lose weight, and guides you in overcoming the obstacles that stand between you and a trimmer body.

Why You Can’t Lose Weight is divided into four parts. Part I looks at lifestyle practices, such as insufficient exercise and sleep. Part II examines health disorders, such as food allergies and thyroid hormone dysfunction. Part III discusses biochemical problems, such as insulin resistance and depression. For each difficulty discussed, the author explains how the problem can be recognized, how it contributes to weight gain, and how you can take steps towards a slimmer body. The last part guides you in putting together a customized, easy-to-follow weight-loss program. If you’ve been frustrated by one-size-fits-all diet plans, it’s time to learn what’s really keeping you from reaching your goal. With Why You Can’t Lose Weight, you’ll discover how to lose weight and enjoy radiant health.




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Discover Your Own Customized, Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy


WYMK Women's HormonesWhen the government-sponsored Women’s Health Initiative Program recently halted its study on the use of estrogen plus progestin (the synthetic progesterone ) because of an increased risk of breast cancer in those taking these hormones, menopausal women everywhere were anxiously turning to their doctors for advice. In this revealing new book, HRT: The Answers  A Concise Guide for Solving the Hormone Replacement Therapy Puzzle, Pamela Wartian Smith, M.D., MPH, has cut through the clutter of controversy surrounding the use of synthetic hormones.If you’ve opened up a newspaper or turned on the television during the last several months, you’ve likely heard the debate swirling around hormone replacement therapy. If you are one of the 3,500 women in the United States alone entering menopause, you have a personal stake in this dispute.

In this easy-to-read, patient-friendly guide, you’ll:

  • Discover  that all of the hormones in your body are designed to work together and they all affect your overall health
  • Learn that taking progesterone only, and not replacing your estrogen, can predispose you to diabetes
  • Gain the knowledge that estrogen helps maintain your memory
  • Find out how to be evaluated for you own set of environmental, genetic and physiological risk factors
  • Understand why prescription natural hormone therapy that is customized for you is the only way to replace hormones safely
  • Regain control of your health




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A Guide to Proven Techniques and Supplements to Maintain, Strengthen, or Regain Memory


Layout 1Leave it to one of America’s best-selling physician/authors to tackle one of the country’s fastest-growing health concerns. With over 77 million baby boomers living in the U.S., memory loss is quickly becoming a major issue. Although the common belief is that these irritating lapses in the ability to remember are a normal part of aging, current scientific research indicates otherwise. In fact, there are a number of reasons these lapses can occur. The good news is that once we understand why, we can actually restore and even strengthen our mental acuity. In her new book, What You Must Know About Memory Loss & How You Can Stop It, Dr. Pamela Wartian Smith explains why we forget things and what we can do to not only reverse the problem, but also enhance our ability to focus, concentrate, and comprehend.

Dr. Smith begins by discussing why it is important not to simply accept memory loss as a normal part of aging. She then presents an in-depth look at the most common causes of these lapses in memory—nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, toxic overload, poor blood circulation, and lack of physical and mental exercise. She begins each section with a questionnaire to determine if the test taker’s memory may be affected by that particular cause. The author then details how that cause is involved in impaired memory, as well as a host of other mental issues ranging from insomnia to personality changes. Dr. Smith follows each discussion with a list of proven remedies to correct each issue. Also included in the book is a special section on recognizing and dealing with severe memory loss.

While the pharmaceutical companies continue to look for that one “magic bullet” to reverse memory loss, the fact is that there are numerous scientifically valid treatments available to address this growing concern. Dr. Smith empowers her readers to avoid an unnecessary part of aging by offering simple and effective solutions.



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Choosing the Nutrients That Are Right for You

Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs & MoreAlmost 75 percent of health and longevity is based on lifestyle, environment, and nutrition. Yet even if you follow a healthful diet, you probably don’t get all the nutrients you need to prevent disease. In What You Must Know About Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs & More, Dr. Pamela Smith explains how you can maintain health through the use of nutrients.

Part One of this easy-to-use guide discusses the individual nutrients necessary for good health. Part Two offers personalized nutritional programs for people with a wide variety of health concerns. People without prior medical problems can look to Part Three for their supplementation plans. Whether you want to maintain goodhealth or you are trying to overcome a medical condition, What You Must Know About Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs & More, can help you make the best choices for the health and well-being of you and your family.